Saturday, May 25, 2013

vsync test videos

I got tired of using actual videos to test the vsync on my video cards. So, I created these simple video test clips that should help you determine if your video setup is in good shape.

These test videos feature a 30x1080px white square that moves across the screen in 0.25, 1, or 4 seconds, depending on the video you choose. They are at 60 FPS, so they're ideal for test 60Hz displays (or anything divisible by 60).

To test, run the video in full screen and look for the following:
  • The white rectangle should stay whole and not be torn apart as it moves across the screen
    • If it's tearing up randomly on all or part of the square, then vsync probably isn't working
    • If it's solid, then vsync is probably working
    • If it's a well defined tear on only the first 10px or so, well, it's a bit more complicated, and I don't have an answer as to why, but it probably can't be fixed by configuring vsync.
  • The white rectangle should not flicker
    • If it stutters, or just doesn't move smoothly across the screen at a consistent pace, then either the system, GPU, or driver can't keep up
      • AMD catalyst on Linux tends do this if TearFree is enabled
  • The white rectangle should remain (mostly) solid
    • It shouldn't be blurred too much, a little is okay, and is probably just ghosting on the display, and not the video card's fault, but make sure to check if any motion blur or similar filters are enabled.

Download Links:

(edit 2020-04-07: mega links were broken, I have reuploaded)

vsync test, 4 second intervals, 1080p, 60 FPS:

link to the rest of the files: